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How to Extend Pitch Bend Range in EXS24

March 21, 2017

Learn how to extend pitch bend range past one octave in EXS24.

EXS24, Logic’s stock sampler plugin, supports a maximum pitch bend range of one octave (12 semitones). However, it’s possible to extend this range with EXS24’s modulation matrix. In the screenshot below, the JP8 Mini patch has a pitch bend range of 12 semitones.

To extend this range, use the modulation matrix to map Pitch Bend (Source) to Pitch (Destination). The triangular slider to the left of each modulation module specifies the pitch bend range in cents. To add one octave, move the triangle all the way up until it reads 1200 cents.

In the screenshot below, I’ve added two modules each extending the range 1200 semitones for a total of 2400 semitones, or two octaves. When combined with EXS24’s default pitch bend setting of one octave, the range has been extended to three full octaves.

This method is also a great way to pitch bend up to a specific note. In the screenshot below, I’ve added a third module which maxes out at 700 cents.

This gives a total pitch bend range of 4200 cents, or 3 octaves and a fifth. In other words, playing C2 with the pitch bend wheel up will sound a G5. Be sure to hold down the Shift button when making detailed pitch adjustments for more precise control over the slider.

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