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441K Hole Puncher Reference Guide

April 10, 2017

Learn how to use 441K’s Hole Puncher MIDI FX Script.

Hole Puncher is a MIDI FX Script for MainStage 3. It lets you disable a user-definable note range.


To install the AutoCC MIDI FX Script, click on 441KAutoCC.pkg and follow the on-screen instructions. AutoCC will be installed to /Library/Application Support/Logic/Plug-In Settings/Scripter/441K.

If you encounter an “unidentified developer” message during installation, please follow the instructions here to perform an override.

After installation, AutoCC can be found in the 441K folder in MainStage 3’s Scripter MIDI FX plugin.


Hole Puncher allows you to disable up to three note ranges. If you need to punch more than three holes, simply add another instance of Hole Puncher.

Click here to purchase the Hole Puncher MIDI FX Script.


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