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What Happens in Berlin Stays in Berlin

March 7, 2018

Mike and I arrived in Berlin tonight, and we’re fairly certain we’ve accidentally entered into an alternate universe.

Our high speed train from Leipzig arrived at Berlin Hauptbahnhof in the early evening. An hour later, we found our Airbnb in the sleepy borough of Pankow. We met our host who graciously informed us that the apartment did not have WiFi. That was unexpected because it’s 2018, and we’re in a first world country.

The host seemed to be in a rush, but gave us some local restaurant recommendations. He then informed us that there wasn’t any toilet paper in the bathroom. How strange. No WiFi and no toilet paper. This felt like the beginning of a grungy psychological art horror film set in Berlin.

Not to worry. The host gave us €3.00 and offered to escort us to the closest Edeka supermarket, where we could purchase a roll of toilet paper for his Airbnb. We decided to take him up on the offer. Such great hospitality.

After selecting a suitable roll of toilet paper, we took the subway to Schönhauser Allee. The host had recommended Onomi, a popular Japanese restaurant in Berlin. Unfortunately it was full and we were too hungry to wait, so we went to an Italian restaurant down the street instead. We had a great meal – fresh mozzarella and lasagna bolognese with a glass of red wine.

After dinner, things started getting weird.

As we waited for the bus at the unlit bus stop, a teenage girl with a violin approached us. She looked like she wanted to tell us something, but she didn’t. She just stood there. Okay, this might not seem that strange, but we were both in a weird mood after coming to terms with the fact that our Airbnb didn’t have WiFi or toilet paper.

The bus arrived a few months later. It was pretty empty at this late hour, but the girl still chose to stand awkwardly close to us. Seriously, she just gave me chills, and I found myself wondering if she was actually a ghost. I’ve had paranormal encounters before, and this girl with a violin gave me a really weird vibe.

During the course of the bus ride, Mike and I both made eye contact with the girl dozens of times. Why did she keep looking at us? What’s in her violin case? Can anyone else on the bus see his girl? These are questions we’ll never know the answer to because we booked it off the bus as soon as we arrived at our stop. Thankfully the girl remained on the bus.

As we walked from the bus stop to our Airbnb, we joked about how scary it would be if we ran into the girl with the violin on the way home. Since I’m still alive and typing this on my iPad, you can rest assure that we didn’t have another strange encounter with the girl.

I’m not saying she was a ghost, but there was definitely something off about her. I’m from Hong Kong, so I’ve heard about all those paranormal encounters that bus drivers have with our spirit friends from another dimension. Yeah, I believe that stuff because I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Hopefully the rest of our stay in Berlin doesn’t involve anymore potentially paranormal activity. Tomorrow, we’re going to visit the Berlin Wall murals and a few other popular spots.

Good night from Berlin!


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