ICON Partners with SK-Planet to Build Blockchain Services

Earlier today, ICON Foundation revealed that they have signed an MOU with SK-Planet to “work together to create new customer values and business opportunities by linking ICON’s blockchain technology with Korea’s leading mobile services.” This news comes just four months after ICONLOOP’s announcement regarding implementation of its CHAIN ID authentication system into Samsung Pass. Together, these two developments suggest that ICON is absolutely dominating the blockchain mobile services niche in South Korea.

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Tripio – Putting the Travel Industry on the Blockchain

Tripio is a blockchain project based in China with the goal of disrupting the global travel industry. To accomplish this, the Tripio team is working on building a decentralized travel booking and settlement platform on top of the Ethereum protocol. The Tripio platform will incentivize users to perform network-related tasks with a native ERC-20 token called TRIO.

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A Look Into Substratum’s 60 Million SUB Token Burn

Last September, Substratum revealed their proposed token burn strategy, which involved three separate token burns at key project milestones.

  1. September 24, 2017 – Initial 60 million SUB burn.
  2. October 4, 2017 – 60 million SUB burn following listing.
  3. TBA – 60 million SUB burn following Bittrex listing.

SUB is an ERC-20 token, and there are two ways to burn such tokens.

  1. ERC-20 token contracts have an optional .burn() function that can be used to decrease the number of tokens belonging to a specific address – in most cases, a developer reserve address.
  2. ERC-20 tokens can be sent to an address with an unknown private key. This method is by far the most popular way to perform a token burn. Using this method, ERC-20 tokens are typically sent to the Ethereum zero address.

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Substratum Crowdsale Wallet Activity & SUB-ETH Price Action on April 29 – May 2

Update (September 4, 2018): The day after this article was published and circulated, Justin Tabb tweeted about receiving email correspondence regarding a SIM swap investigation. If you choose to continue reading the article, please do so with this timely development in mind.

A few days ago, I wrote a piece detailing my suspicions about Substratum’s AMPX ICO. After the post hit #1 on the cryptocurrency subreddit*, it got over 50,000 page views and I received dozens of emails and messages from people around the world who shared my perspective.

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Substratum is Losing Vision & Focus

Substratum is currently trying to build a decentralized Internet, a payments processing platform, and a decentralized exchange. I think these goals are overly ambitious, but that’s just my opinion. Let’s get into it.

Disclaimer: Stop reading here if you’re a SUB bagholder. If you choose to continue reading, I am not responsible for hospitalization costs due to high blood pressure. You’ve been warned.

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