NEM – The New Economy Movement

The NEM protocol has been built from the ground up to be an enterprise-grade solution for companies looking to implement blockchain technology into their businesses. Its goal is to provide value by drastically reducing the cost of business transactions. To assist in this goal, Mijin was introduced as a private blockchain to compliment NEM. The NEM protocol can be used to integrate different Mijin blockchains into one network economy, thus the New Economy Movement (NEM).
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Hyperconnectivity – A Look at ICON’s Business Philosophy & Strategy

In this post, I’ll share my personal views on ICON’s business strategy and philosophy and how they affect the project’s public perception and expectations. Please note this is not investment or financial advice.
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5 Margin Trading Tips on Huobi Global

In cryptocurrency, margin trading refers to borrowing funds with a set interest rate to trade with. After closing a trade, the borrowed amount plus interest is returned to the lender and the trader keeps the rest profit. Margin trading, also called leveraged trading, relies on a multiplicity factor called “leverage”. Furthermore, margin trading allows for both “longing” and “shorting”. In a long, a trader borrows funds, buys at a low price, sells at a high price, returns the borrowed funds with interest, and keeps the profit. In a short, a trader borrows funds, sells a high price, buys back at a low price, returns the borrowed funds with interest, and keeps the profit.
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Huobi Chain – Why You Should Vote & Who to Vote For

Over the next 18 months, Huobi Global will be working on the development of Huobi Chain, its upcoming public blockchain platform offering smart contract support, financial value exchange, fundraising capabilities, securitization, and more. Huobi Chain will operate as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), and HT (Huobi Token) will provide liquidity, gas, and voting power determination token on the blockchain.
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Waltonchain – IoT & RFID Supply Chain on the Blockchain

Waltonchain is a China-based IoT project focused on building secure and reliable business ecosystems on the blockchain with proprietary RFID chips. The Waltonchain platform enables merchants and businesses to build subchains that fit their specific needs while providing the framework to conduct business through timestamped and immutable transactions on the blockchain. With Waltonchain’s RFID technology, the blockchain is able to autonomously track physical goods through the whole supply chain process – from raw materials to delivery of a finished product. By maintaining such a fine level of traceability, Waltonchain successfully battles data tampering and counterfeit goods. WTC is the utility token on the Waltonchain network, and it can be traded on Huobi Global against BTC and ETH pairs.
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