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ICON’s updated roadmap →

December 29, 2018

ICON recently released an updated development roadmap.

  • I like the new milestone-based approach. The previous date-based approach introduced a level of expectation in the community that has hurt the project’s reputation from a PR perspective. By switching to a milestone-based model with regular monthly updates, the community will be able to observe month-to-month updates, which will hopefully result in productive conversation about the ICON’s progress.
  • The section in the roadmap about ICON’s decentralized identity service (DID) is interesting. In addition to DID integration in the ICONex wallet, there is also a milestone goal that reads “Launch DID based service with business partner.” I wonder if this has anything to do with more widespread usage of ICON’s CHAIN ID.
  • ICON is working on smart contract templates for both STOs (security token offerings) and stablecoins. I hope the team will reveal more about the stablecoin project in the coming months.

ICON fan for not, I highly recommend checking out the updated roadmap as well as the recently released IISS yellowpaper which details the network’s staking mechanism.

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Substratum Commences ETH/USDT Trading with ICO Funds to Recoup Losses

December 22, 2018

Earlier this week, Substratum CEO Justin Tabb made an update video sharing details about the SUB token swap and smart contract update. Near the end of the video, Tabb discusses Substratum’s stance on treasury management. Specifically, Tabb revealed that an in-house trader will be using ETH raised from Substratum’s ICO to conduct trades with the goal of increasing the firm’s ETH holdings. To my knowledge, this move is unprecedented in the sense that no other ICO-funded project has publicly acknowledged the trading of ICO funds on unregulated exchanges. Before we get into the implications and of this announcement, here is Justin Tabb’s statement.

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