Apple celebrates World AIDS Day →

December 2, 2018


In honor of World AIDS Day, which takes place on December 1, Apple has started turning the Apple Store logos at many of its retail locations around the world red.

Saw this at the Ginza location in Tokyo today. Very cool.

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Trump wants to tax iPhones and MacBooks →

November 27, 2018

The Wall Street Journal:

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Trump suggested that if negotiations don’t produce a favorable outcome for the U.S., he would also put tariffs on the rest of Chinese imports that are currently not subject to duties. “If we don’t make a deal, then I’m going to put the $267 billion additional on” at a tariff rate of either 10% or 25%, Mr. Trump said. He first threatened those duties, and the higher tariffs on the initial $200 billion in goods, in late summer. The president said tariffs could also be placed on Apple Inc. iPhones and laptop computers imported from China if the U.S. decides to put tariffs on additional goods.

I wonder if Apple saw this coming and priced recently released products to offset a potential tariff caused by a US-China trade war. If that’s not the case, I really hope this doesn’t happen. The current generation iPhones and MacBook Pros are already objectively very expensive.

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The 2018 Mac mini for Musicians

November 14, 2018

Two things came to mind as I watched Tim Cook unveil the 2018 Mac mini.

  • Wow.
  • Should I move back to New York?

Prior to moving to Tokyo, I worked as an electronic music designer in New York and Las Vegas, where my job involved building keyboard racks and designing sounds for keyboard players on Broadway shows. More often than not, the racks I built were powered by Mac minis running MainStage[1].

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