BitMEX is terminating US-based accounts →

November 22, 2018


While BitMEX officially doesn’t provide service to the US investors, they were known to turn a blind eye to those that found their way to the exchange. However, things might be starting to change, as the exchange seemingly started terminating US traders’ accounts. One such report came from famous investor Tone Vays.

The United States SEC has made quite a few moves lately, so I’m not surprised to see BitMEX take this precaution. It makes me wonder if Binance, an unregistered exchange that allows users to withdraw up to 2 BTC per day, will be next to close off services to US-based users. On a side note, I highly recommend Liquid if you’re looking for a compliant exchange — plenty of liquidity on major JPY pairs, open to US citizens, and audited by Japan’s FSA.

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BitMEX Research’s in-depth dissection of EOS →

November 19, 2018

The level of detail in this analysis of the EOS project is incredible. I’m going to need a week or two to digest the whole thing, but here’s the conclusion.

From this comprehensive analysis of the EOS system, it has become apparent that in order for EOS to be able to successfully act as a foundational base layer protocol, it needs to re-architect a significant portion of its infrastructure. EOS can potentially act as a side chain appended to other more foundationally secure networks, though the system would need to be rebuilt in order to address the problems detailed in this report.

So, EOS, a $4 billion ICO, needs to redesign its whole architecture? Yikes.

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BitMEX Rents Hong Kong’s Most Expensive Office Space

August 23, 2018


The average rent per square foot at the new location is US$28.66, more than nine times higher compared to the US$3.18 per square foot that BitMEX was paying at its old headquarters – a logistics and warehouse district in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor. With the entire floor consisting of 20,000 square feet, the leasing expenses will add up to US$573,200.

This is almost comical.

I understand the concept of allocating financial resources to different departments in the corporation, but does BitMex really need an office space that’s 10x more expensive when their technical infrastructure can’t even handle current trading volumes?


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