5 Margin Trading Tips on Huobi Global

In cryptocurrency, margin trading refers to borrowing funds with a set interest rate to trade with. After closing a trade, the borrowed amount plus interest is returned to the lender and the trader keeps the rest profit. Margin trading, also called leveraged trading, relies on a multiplicity factor called “leverage”. Furthermore, margin trading allows for both “longing” and “shorting”. In a long, a trader borrows funds, buys at a low price, sells at a high price, returns the borrowed funds with interest, and keeps the profit. In a short, a trader borrows funds, sells a high price, buys back at a low price, returns the borrowed funds with interest, and keeps the profit.
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Huobi Chain – Why You Should Vote & Who to Vote For

Over the next 18 months, Huobi Global will be working on the development of Huobi Chain, its upcoming public blockchain platform offering smart contract support, financial value exchange, fundraising capabilities, securitization, and more. Huobi Chain will operate as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), and HT (Huobi Token) will provide liquidity, gas, and voting power determination token on the blockchain.
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TRON & Ontology Mainnet Token Swaps on Huobi Pro

TRON (TRX) and Ontology (ONT) are currently in the process of preparing for their respective mainnet token swaps. To facilitate the token swap process for its users, Huobi Pro will automatically swap any TRX and ONT tokens that are deposited to the exchange.

What is a Mainnet Token Swap?

In the world of cryptocurrency, many new projects are looking to build their own blockchain platform, but need a temporary token of sorts to raise ICO funds. In order to do this, most developers use Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard, which defines a set of rules for token generation and usage. The ERC-20 standard allows projects to specify their own token economics, and the generated tokens can be stored in an ETH wallet. Similarly, the NEO platform also offers a token standard called NEP-5.
After a project’s mainnet, or live network, has been launched, developers may choose to do a 1:1 swap of the ERC-20/NEP-5 token to tokens that can be utilized on the mainnet. In this case, TRON and Ontology have launched their mainnets. The TRX ERC-20 and ONT NEP-5 tokens won’t have any function on the mainnet, so they will lose all value following the token swap. Thus, it’s important to receive your mainnet tokens, which will retain their value because they can be used on the mainnet for staking, purchases, etc.

Token Swap on Huobi Pro

Huobi Pro, which recently finished its EOS token swap, is now supporting both the TRX and ONT token swaps. Here are two reasons why you should use Huobi Pro to swap your tokens.

Swap TRX on Huobi Pro, and trade against USDT.

  1. Manually swapping the tokens can be challenging, especially for new investors. For example, manually swapping ONT NEP-5 tokens require sending the tokens to a specified mapping address in addition to one’s private keys. With so many phishing scams at the moment, sending your tokens to an exchange is a safer and more convenient solution.
  2. If you perform a manual swap, your tokens won’t be liquid during the swap process, which can take up to 24 hours. If you’re an active trader, this means you won’t be able to react to market news because your tokens will be “stuck” during the token swap. On the other hand, if your tokens are on Huobi Pro, you’ll still be able to trade freely during the swap process.

TRON & Ontology in the Future

TRON and Ontology are two of the biggest projects in the blockchain space. Just a few days ago, TRON’s Justin Sun announced an acquisition of Bittorrent, Inc. While not many details were revealed about the acquisition, TRON stated it is interested in building a “decentralized Internet”.
Ontology, while newer in the blockchain space, has made a number of significant accomplishments as well. Recently, Ontology formed a partnership with CarBlock, a blockchain-based transportation solution. Ontology has also formed the Ontology Olympus Accelerator, a program that “invites technology and product experts across fields to collaborate in entrepreneurship and build new distributed business applications.”

Don’t miss out on TRON and Ontology’s exciting future by forgetting to swap your tokens. The swap process will start soon, so sign up for Huobi Pro today, and let them handle the token swap for you.

BnkToTheFuture & the Future of Finance on Huobi Talk

On this week’s episode of Huobi Talk, Simon Dixon, CEO of BnkToTheFuture, will share his views on the current system of banking and how blockchain has the potential to disrupt the industry.
BnkToTheFuture, which is currently traded on Huobi Pro, is a blockchain-based global investment platform that gives users access to fintech investment opportunities that are usually reserved for venture capitalists and angel investors. Investments can be made in both fiat and cryptocurrencies, and BnkToTheFuture handles all documentation, administration, and payments for its investors and deals. Lastly, BnkToTheFuture only charges a service fee after a successful deal has been made, and its pooled investment structure allows for tax-efficient exposure.

BnkToTheFuture’s platform token, BFT, began trading in late March at ~$0.073. After a surge to $0.35 in early May, BFT has retraced to $0.17 with $1.8 million of 24 hour volume. Today, BFT’s market cap sits at $106,870,260 with 30% of BFT trading volume occurs on Huobi Pro against BTC and ETH.

BnkToTheFuture’s Investments

BnkToTheFuture’s extensive investment portfolio includes a number of industry-leading companies, and two of the most well known ones are Exodus and Factom.


Exodus is an all-in-one app to secure, manage, and trade blockchain assets. The wallet enables users to secure their own private keys for many cryptocurrencies and offers exchange services via the built-in ShapeShift support. BnkToTheFuture participated in a $250,000 funding round for Exodus, and 291 investors provided $368,222 of capital in exchange for convertible notes.


Factom is a blockchain solution that enables users to write cryptographic hashes of a secured data and documents on an immutable ledger. Factom, which is “often it is described as a publishing and auditing engine,” doesn’t store actual documents, but instead stores irreversible hashes that prove the authenticity of a government. In a $5 million “Series A” funding round on BnkToTheFuture, Factom was able to raise $8 million from 129 investors for 17% equity in the company.

BnkToTheFuture’s Roadmap

Currently, BnkToTheFuture is working on a voting portal that will be used to vote on potential investment listings, a beta wallet that allows whitelisted users to legally hold and trade tokenized securities, and developing an order book for tokenized securities through a clearinghouse partner and a cryptocurrency exchange for additional liquidity. Later this year, BnkToTheFuture will launch its full tokenized securities marketplace, as well as an investment index for blockchain-related companies.

To learn more about BnkToTheFuture, be sure to subscribe to Huobi Talk on YouTube and tune into this week’s episode featuring Simon Dixon. Lastly, be sure to check out Huobi Pro if you’re interested in the BFT token.

Decrypto Daily Update – June 8, 2018

Market Snapshot

  • Total Market Cap: $339,056,139,543
  • 24 Hour Volume $14,250,839,610
  • BTC Dominance: 38.3%
  • BTC-O: 7,650.82
  • BTC-H: 7,741.27
  • BTC-L: 7,650.82
  • BTC-C: 7,678.24

Huobi announces its public blockchain, Huobi Chain.

Over the next 18 months, Huobi will be developing its own public blockchain platform similar to Ethereum and EOS. The platform is designed to “mitigate financial risks with supervision and consensus, optimize the trading process with blockchain technology, and safeguard users’ rights and interests with community autonomy.”

  • The price of HT (Huobi Token) has exploded recently, thanks to many announcements from Huobi – Huobi 10 crypto index, HADAX trading platform, and now Huobi Chain. It’s great to see an exchange working so hard to innovate and create new products instead of just accepting millions of dollars from completed ICOs to list their s***coins before fleeing to Malta to find a bank to store all that money. Oh don’t worry, I’m not talking about any exchange in particular…
  • Similar to Ethereum and EOS, Huobi Chain is a public blockchain platform that will offer smart contract execution, financial value exchange, fundraising capabilities, securitization, and more.
  • HT ERC-20 tokens will be swapped to mainnet tokens following Huobi Chain’s launch in 18 months.
  • I wonder what kind of incentives there will be to use Huobi Chain. How will Huobi attract developers and users away from  the likes of Ethereum and EOS – projects that aren’t tied to any specific exchange.

Bithumb is cleared of allegations of tax evasion.

Korea’s National Tax Service has successfully completed a tax audit of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb. The exchange has been cleared of any allegations of tax evasion, and have been ordered to pay its original tax bill of $28 million.

  • Wow, that took a while… Almost 5 months!
  • I wonder if we’ll start seeing some classic Korean volume from Bithumb again. At one time, Bithumb was one of the leaders in trading volume. Today, the exchange ranks 28th in BTC volume. Yikes.

ICON announces a partnership with Deloitte Startup Advisory Group.

ICON Foundation has signed a MOU with Deloitte SAG to collaborate on development and commercialization of blockchain projects.

  • This is a huge partnership. Deloitte is one of the largest accounting firms in the world, and their extensive client list includes many Fortune 500 companies you’ve probably heard of.
  • It sounds like partnership is mutually beneficial. ICON is interested in building up its network to make novel connections between them – this will likely result in business workflows that are not possible without blockchain. Deloitte is interested in using ICON’s technology and expertise to stay competitive in the real world.


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