Substratum a Year From Now

May 7, 2019

Substratum is not in a good place right now, and investors of the SUB token are arguably in an even worse place. The SubstratumNode V1 is slated to be released in ~8 weeks – at least according to the projection from the company’s most recent “show and tell”. The community sentiment is that the release of V1 will somehow usher in a new era of prosperity for both the Substratum team and investors’ -99.9% ROI bags of SUB tokens. This unreasonably optimistic thought process is flawed, and outright dumb.

Let’s look at the facts.

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Substratum Removes Team Page and Whitepaper From Its Website

April 28, 2019

Following up on a post from last week, it appears Substratum has completely removed the team page from its website – it now resolves to a 404 error. Substratum has also removed its whitepaper from the website, leaving only the technical paper available for download. In response to questions surrounding this sudden development, Substratum CIO Abram Cookson posted the following explanation on Telegram.

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Substratum’s Community is a Cesspool →

April 28, 2019

Brad Edward Wolfe (707bwolf):

Btw the original reddit post is by William McKenzie who is a known white nationalist neo-nazi based out of an Aryan nation chapter in Kentucky and he actually got this article from Brian Li who is a known pedophile that had a baby with an underage girl in Japan but apparently 13 year old girls are legal in Japan.

In this Reddit comment, Brad Edward Wolfe, a California-based bagholder of SUB and former Substratum Telegram admin, once again demonstrates why the Substratum community is often thought of as one of the worst in the industry. In response to factual information about Substratum removing the team page from its website (an exceedingly stupid decision from CIO Abram Cookson), Wolfe resorted to personal attacks against me and William.

Let’s debunk Wolfe’s claims.

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Substratum Removes Link to Team Page From Its Website

April 24, 2019

Yesterday, I noticed Substratum quietly removed the link to its team page in the footer of its website. After a quick search through, it appears Substratum removed the link sometime between March 31 and April 13. I’ve reached out to Substratum regarding the removal of the link, but haven’t received a response. Considering the lackluster quality of the project’s communications department, I don’t expect to receive a response unless the team is in the mood to make another round of excuses. Since Substratum isn’t interested in responding to inquiries, let’s engage in some light speculation.

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SubstratumNode is 18 Weeks Away →

April 10, 2019

Abram Cookson:

No delay, no misses. Estimates are estimates, the more we know the more accurate they become. This has nothing to do with the skill or working hours. If you want me to post a fake deadline I’m not going to do it. We’ve never as a dev team stated anything regarding dates until we began in January offering show and tells. Everyone is an expert predicting when things can be done until they have to do it themselves. No over promises, we are just showing the data every week and will continue to do so. Some weeks we will have little movement, other weeks we will see massive increase in completed work. If you look at the past 3 weeks (16, 13, 18). It will fluctuate.

According to Substratum’s most recent “Show & Tell”, SubstratumNode’s V1 release is still 18 weeks away. Considering last week’s estimate was 13 weeks, it appears that Substratum’s estimations, along with everything else about the project, should be taken with a grain of salt.

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