Substratum讨论了团队扩展,基础架构扩展和Bittrex列表 →


Jason Burns for Substratum:

Your contributions have enabled us to scale our teams, so that we can move rapidly and scale up to our private beta in December and our first production version in January. Now, we are bringing on some awesome people. We’re bringing on additional software developers and high end cryptographers to assist us as we go forward.

自1300万美元ICO结束以来,Substratum已将其团队扩展至27名全职成员 — 这是个好消息。 不幸的是,关于12月的私人测试版和1月份的第一个生产版的声明最终证明是谎言。 它现在是2019年1月,而SubstratumNode的生产版本仍然无处可见。

Hopefully you saw the news yesterday that we released. We received a $5 million investment from a partner company and we are using this money to scale our infrastructure of supernodes. Now this will ensure that on day one, the Substratum network will be lightning fast. I know that’s a huge deal. And it will only improve as nodes continue to grow on each of your machines.

我认为此声明是指Render Payment的500万美元投资。 这笔钱应该用于扩展Substratum的网络基础设施,使其网络在全球范围内具有相当水平的基线运营。 自本公告发布以来,Substratum尚未提供有关其网络基础架构升级状态的最新信息。

Our top target is still Bittres and that will happen. However in the interim, we are working to launch on Binance, Liquid, and Huobi.