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Shopping at Seijo Ishii 📷

January 20, 2019

I can’t believe it’s been almost six months since TVK’s visit to Tokyo. Not sure how this photo ended up like this because a Seijo Ishii supermarket in Minato-ku is the exact opposite of dystopian.

Camera: Fujifilm X-Pro2
Lens: Fujinon XF 56mm f/1.2 R

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Exodus Removes Support for Substratum (SUB) →

January 20, 2019

According to a screenshot shared in a Reddit post by u/vdjalov, Exodus, one of the most popular desktop cryptocurrency wallets, has removed support for Substratum’s SUB token. Substratum community member @BitcoinHeinze was able to get a detailed explanation regarding the removal from a member of Exodus’ support team. Exodus’ full response can be found below, but here are a few key points to take away.

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ICON’s P-Rep Registration Process Begins

January 19, 2019

Last week, ICON announced the start of pre-registration for the network’s P-Reps. Since the election of the network’s P-Reps is a community endeavor, detailed information regarding the registration process can be found on ICON’s newly launched community portal. P-Rep registration marks an important milestone in the ICONSENSUS roadmap, and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of candidates come forward to participate in the P-Rep election.

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Tokyo Tower 📷

January 10, 2019

Tokyo Tower looked especially beautiful tonight.

Camera: Apple iPhone X

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How to Replace Text in WordPress with functions.php

January 8, 2019

This snippet can be used in a WordPress theme’s functions.php file to dynamically replace text on a specific part of the page. This example replaces text strings in the_content and nowhere else.

function replace_text($text) {
	$text = str_replace('<hr>', '<hr class="hr-small">', $text);
	$text = str_replace('<hr />', '<hr class="hr-small">', $text);
	$text = str_replace('>^<', 'class="rs">^<', $text);
	$text = str_replace('<sup>', '<sup class="rs-sup">', $text);
	return $text;
add_filter('the_content', 'replace_text');


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